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About us

Shalom Ministries International began in 2009 as a response to the wonderful, but far under-resourced, ministry already being carried out through Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Karamoja,Uganda.


Our purpose as Shalom Ministries International (SMI) is to provide material, physical, and technical support for Shalom Reconciliation Ministries (SRM) in Karamoja, Uganda. On the ground in Uganda, SRM’s mission is to reach out and improve the wellbeing of abandoned and neglected children living on the street, orphans, and other vulnerable youth, and the community’s most vulnerable persons (those who are widows, elderly, and handicapped). Together, we strive to maintain a dependency in God in all we do as we send children to school and show them the Love of God in both word and action, and also seek to educate supporters of SMI about the cultural social context where SRM carries out its work.

Youth at Shalom Children's Home in 2012

All the children youths living at shalom home, inc

Shalom Reconciliation Ministries began in 2005 with little more than a small mud building and a man with a vision to see the marginalized of Karamoja empowered to reach their full potential through the redeeming Love of Christ. There was little space and even less certainty in where the next meal would come from.

....But such is the fertile soil for faith and trust in the Lord’s Provision.  


Rainbow Mike arrived in Kotido Town, Karamoja after fleeing his home as the Lord’s Resistance Army ravaged through the northwestern regions of Uganda.  With no connections in Kotido, Rainbow found himself living on the street as he struggled to find work.  He soon discovered the streets were home for many, and began reaching out to some of the youth who were living there as well. Seeing his love for the Lord, a local pastor - who quickly became a close friend - decided to send Rainbow to a Bible school in Jinja.  There he developed a passion to reach the youth of Kotido with the Hope of Christ.  As Rainbow returned to Karamoja, he established Shalom Reconciliation Ministries and began caring in tangible ways for youth living on the streets of Kotido.  


As the ministry began to develop and grow, the Lord brought about a connection with MedAir, a non-government organization working in the area, and a partnership was formed.  MedAir was able to donate extra supplies so that Rainbow could continue his outreach, and laid the groundwork for the founding of SMI.  As his relationships with the youth deepened, Rainbow began uncovering some of the kids’ stories. What he found were hardships riddled with wounded hearts and broken families. However, rather than simply giving handouts to meet only immediate needs, his desire was to repair what was broken and see the reconciliation of families.  At the realization of Rainbow Mike’s deep passion for the kids of Kotido, Shalom Ministries International was formed as a means to be able to come behind him and assist in his pursuit to bring reconciliation to the youth of Kotido.