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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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By Rainbow Mike, Jan 23 2017 05:21PM

Shalom is looking for sponsors for roughly 15 youth in the education program for 2017 and beyond. Let us know if you would like help change the life a youth in Kotido!

By Rainbow Mike, Jan 3 2017 06:16PM

I (Rainbow Mike) had a dream in the night about 3 weeks ago. I had a dream that I was walking among wild animals-- lions, baboons, tigers, etc. At first I was scared and picked some stone in my hand. But these animals were so friendly and never wanted to harm me. I became even more confident to move among them when I realized they were not dangerous. Ah! I woke up from the dream and I kept thinking what could this dream mean and what is God showing me. Well I prayed and went back to sleep because I usually take longer to rest on bed than any other days of the week.

My schedule was to play games with the boys and girls at shalom and then do memory verse/Bible story as usual. I was then taking my time to pray about what would God want me to go and share with the kids and also planning which game (football). I open the bible and felt a voice telling me to read Isaiah but then never heard any thing about the verse. I began to open Isaiah and some how got caught in chapter 11, as I read through verse 6 - 9 were so loud to my ears and then I remember the dream I had in the night. I was so happy though had no proper idea of what God was speaking to me. But on my way to shalom I found a song that I have never sang before coming into my mouth and I began singing about the GOD WHO GIVES PEACE to his children. He is the God of peace!!

I can see he is restoring peace in my life, in Karamoja and northern Uganda and other parts of the world. I sang it all the way to shalom home while I was driving. Praise God!! He speaks in many ways but many times we do not pay attention to the little small things he uses to take our attention, like the burning bush. I think if I was Moses, I could have ignored the burning bush because I have seen it many times. I agree that God speaks in many ways especially uses the common things we see, feel or hear but I was so challenged this time that I need to pay more attention to listen from God. Oh Father, help us listen to your voice and understand the things you speak to us. I pray that you help us as we take time to plan for the new year 2017.

By Rainbow Mike, Dec 17 2016 03:23AM

In the heart of Karamoja, there is not an evergreen tree to be found, no snow, no stockings, and no wreaths. Actually, if you could imagine a place any farther from the cozy warmth of a white christmas, it is Karamoja. BUT, amidst it all, there is the hope of Christ that translates into every culture and Shalom likes to celebrate by having a meal of all-you-can-eat meat, greens, and sodas, like Coke. Shalom also tries to buy new clothes for all the youth staying at Shalom home so that they will head into the new year with pride and the truth that they are being taken care of.

We hope here at Shalom Ministries that you will praise God with us and be open to the love and care that he makes available to all. Thank you for caring about the youth of Shalom and we pray that you will experience the same kind of care in your own life in this season.

By Rainbow Mike, Nov 21 2016 12:10AM

(By Mike Barbee)

A trip to Karamoja in June gave me some real-time experience of what Shalom is doing in the lives of youth there. The two things that really blew me away were the new faciltiies teeming with youth and children and the qualities of the young men and women that have grown up in the ministry--some of them over the last 10 years.

Feeling a little need to see how far Shalom has come, I was looking back at pictures from 2006 and I noticed a boy that at the time I didn't know was staying at Shalom Home. In June, this same boy (now young man) was playing a central role at the Home by leading other youth and children and facilitating our visit to the neighboring villages. His name is Lokor Andrew and it was so enjoyable to be around his good sense of humor, confidence, and obvious intelligence. Most of the students that are now completing Secondary school are from that same cohort of street children that Rainbow started reaching out to over 10 years ago. That is what this ministry is doing--raising up children who had very little hope and providing the support and vision that one day they will do for others.

It is easy when I look in the eyes of youth like Lokor to see the vision of Shalom because it is standing in front of me.

(The photos you see in the collage below were taken over a 10-year span that Lokor has been associated with Shalom Reconciliation Ministries).

By Rainbow Mike, May 19 2016 04:14AM

I wanted to highlight a student that does not have a sponsor at the moment. James is 13 years old and in the second year of primary school. James and his brothers and a sister were left without any one to look to after the death of their mother from Kotido Health center as result of sickness (HIV/AIDS) and starvation. The children were referred to shalom by the probation and social welfare officer. Shalom have then been providing James and his brothers and a sister with shelter, care for basic needs as well as access to primary education. James likes dancing and playing football and wants to be a business man when he grows up.

I am concerned about the students that do not have sponsors because of the uncertainty they (and myself) have about whether they will be able to continue schooling from term to term. Please pray that support will come for Kazil and other students like him.

By Rainbow Mike, May 19 2016 04:01AM

I just want to say thank you for your prayers and support for the recent baby we received at shalom home. We nick named him triple "M" ! because he has got three names which all starts with letter M ( Monyes Micheal Moru). Triple M is doing well, healthy and eating (bottle feeding) well. Our female staffs are doing good job to care for him and to help her young aunt learns key hygiene practices. The relatives have been great compare the the previous ones. They visit regularly even though they bring nothing but i personally appreciates their love for triple M.

I know they are struggling too in their village, some time spend two days without a meal and so i do not demand any thing from them. Please keeps triple M in your prayer as well Shalom home.

By Rainbow Mike, May 19 2016 03:59AM

We made a visit to our little girl (Lowari Lokomolo) now 8 months old and it was good to find her in a fair condition. The grandmother is doing a great job in keeping hygiene of the baby and the  home. The baby is eating well and healthy except for one problem with the eye. She got eye infection and straight away we got her on  treatment. Not only her but most of the kids in this village (Nasapir) are struggling with eye infections due to poor hygiene. We met an old man who said he last bath in Longor Dam in year 2014. Their complain is that all the near by bore holes water are broken down and their is no one concern about fixing (repair) the bore holes. Their women moves long distances to look for water only for cooking and bathing very little children.

We shall return to check on the baby's health after 5 five days of treatment. And hopefully take more food for the baby after one month. 

The recent baby (Monyes Micheal Moru) now 3 months old we received at shalom is adopting well to bottle feeding and crying has reduced to normal.

Thank you and keep shalom in your prayers.