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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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Another success story!

By Rainbow Mike, Nov 17 2014 10:09AM

Honestly it’s a surprise to see another girl making the second success story in our sponsorship, to me it’s because these girls are focus to achieve their dream. We have very few female beneficiaries in shalom sponsorship but the few have been quality and fantastic.

Am therefore very much please to announce to day the achievement of Irene who has recently (June 2014) completed a certificate in Accounting and Finance management. Her graduation is early next year 2015. The additional news is that Irene will be working at shalom from the effect of January 2015. She is already at shalom l, helping at shalom home and enjoying her holiday.

Brief story of Irene.

Both parents are alive but not living together. Father divorced the mother and abandoned the family. Irene’s mother tried to care for the family for about one year but she couldn’t afford because she had no job. Finally she too took off and abandoned the children. Older brothers and sisters left to look for where about their parents could be hiding but none came back to Kotido. Some were received by relatives, some landed in Churches where good pastors offered shelter for them. Irene and another older sister remained in the house to take care of their family properties. However live got from bad to worse, they could spend three days without food unless their neighbor gives them some thing to eat. Despise the situation, Irene and her sister (Scovia) never threw away their faith, they kept praying, fasting and attending Church programs and it was from Church were they met Rainbow. Unfortunately this situation came at the time (2008) when Irene was in her final year for Primary Education. With prayer she did exams well but wanted to burn her result because it was useless to think about school when there was nothing to eat, no peace, no father and mother to support her to secondary school. Rainbow kept visiting, supported them with food and prayer for a while. Later on (Early 2009) Rainbow moved Irene and her sister plus their family properties to shalom home.

After two months the older sister requested Rainbow to help her with transport money so she could go and look for her mother, she too went and never came back. Irene’s family members got scattered with no communication. God was in control and still made away for Irene to join Secondary education in 2009 through the Shalom sponsorship program. She completed her secondary Education in 2012. While at school, Irene was and serves as a treasurer for the Pentecostal Christian Union. She had been dreaming of handling money as a professional accountant and indeed she has seen her dream comes to reality.

She want to work for Shalom for many years but also want to be able to do distance studies in future while working so that she can upgrade her level in finance management. Her family members are still scattered but at least there is communication now and there is hope for reunion one day.

Glory to God!


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