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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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From tears to joy... Shalom rescues a girl from dropping out of school.

By Rainbow Mike, Sep 18 2015 11:51AM

From tears to Joy. Read this!!! and praise God with us.

June 25th. 2015 i went to Pay school fees for our students at Kotido SS secondary school. The moment i reached the school premises , I got a strong feeling to first say hello to the Head Teacher before i could go in to the office of the school Bursar and make payment. Right there i found a 18 years old girl (Rose Mary) crying so bitterly and begging the head teacher for MERCY. Guess why? She had not pay for school fees for one full year and her school fees balance was reading one million two hundred and fifty thousand Uganda shillings(1.250,000 UGX). Rose Mary's father died in 2013 and mother is unable to raise money for school fees. The mother told her not to continue with school and marry many times but she kept on going to school even though she was being sent home every month to look for money. Her interest to stay at school and determinations to learn was so strong that she never gave into the pressure at home and at school. She narrated her story while i was at the head teacher's office and i surely felt that's was the reason why i was there at that time. Guess what i did? I joined her pleading for Mercy! And i gave the Head master a task... I told the head teacher, SHALOM can help this girl if you can cancel her balances. I thank God for the head Teacher, First he is a born again Christian and because he is following Jesus,i found it easy to speak and persuade him using biblical language and Rose Mary's school fees balances for four (4) terms were canceled and shalom took over from there. As it is for now, Rose Mary is the happiest girl at Kotido Secondary school. The head Teacher is very happy too and appreciates Shalom for being so practical to the orphans and widows. It's a real joy down in my heart to see our small ministry making such a big different. We haven't got sponsor for Rose Mary but we thank God for our sponsors and the grants which have enable us to support Rose Mary and other students who would other wise not be at school. Glory be to God!. The attach are some photo of Rose Mary and the Head Teacher.

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