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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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Mother of four children dies of HIV/ AIDS, Children left under the care of a 12 years old boy.

By Rainbow Mike, Oct 2 2015 07:38PM

Hello friends!

Today (02/10/2015

We received four children (James 12 years old, Sarah 8 years old, Patrick 5 years old and Basil 3 years old) at shalom. All the four children are of one mother who died of HIV/ AIDS this afternoon (02/10/2015 3 pm) from Kotido Health center. I received a phone call from one of the medical personnel at 6 pm requesting support and service of Shalom in respond to the Children who have been left under the care of 12 years old boy (James). I immediately called the District Probation and Social welfare officer, Mr. Lawrence, gave me go ahead to give shelter to these children until when relatives shall be found. As for the deceased, burial is most likely to be done tomorrow morning if no relatives show up early morning to claim the dead body. For now there are no relatives that have been identified. One of the medical personnel says they received the woman and her children at Kotido Health center on Monday. She was brought by some kind Boarder border who got her very sick and laying at the veranda where she also slept with her children for two nights. She was already in bad condition though. Doctors struggle to admit her for treatment because she had no relatives to attend to her except her 4 children who are also so vulnerable. Hunger and starvation have also contributed to her death because there was no one bringing her food for all this five days, some nurses and fellow patients in the ward would give her food but she would eat very little or instead give all the food to her children who were sleeping under her bed. We brought in the kids, bath them and gave them food this evening, they were so, so hungry and dirty as they have spent almost two weeks without bathing. Besides all the four children are suffering from jigas and needs immediate treatment tomorrow morning.

Pray for peace and comfort. We also need wisdom to care for their inner needs and physical needs. The children only speaks Kiswahili and Sabin (Local language spoken in Kapchorowa District). We are blessed with one staff (Christine) who can speak Kiswahili very well and is already doing a great job. Madam Jolly also knows Kiswahili almost 80%. My Kiswahili is only enough to help me make friends since I can ask people’s name and introduce myself, find water, food, and direction… so limited but I will try to use it this time for a bigger purpose.

Shalom (Peace) !


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