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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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News from shalom home

By Rainbow Mike, Feb 24 2015 11:33AM

News from shalom home.

Friends greetings from shalom home and the village (Lopuyo) of the youngest child (Denis) being cared for at shalom home. Some of you have met Denis as well as the other children that we are caring for at shalom home. We received Denis at shalom home when he was just nine (nine months old. Denis’s mother died during birth and Denis never got a chance to see his mother or breastfeed. With help from the District officials and Unicef, Denis was immediately taken to Amecet baby’s home base in Soroti town. Unfortunately Denis was sent back to Kotido just at nine (9th.) months old. The District Probation and Social Welfare Officer then sought for another alternative. Shalom home was the only option. It was a very difficult decision because my wife had just given birth to our daughter who was just 2 months old. Nevertheless God proved it was his will and right decision by providing a mother for Denis. That same week Amolo Christine came to Shalom home looking for job. I joyfully offered the job of cooking and care giving. Christine has been so nice to Denis and I am happy God brought her to serve the children and youths at Shalom home. Last year we held a meeting with The District Probation and Social welfare Officer and the Father of Denis, we discussed about the future of Denis and it was concluded that the father would have his son back in January 2015. We therefore took Denis to his village the previous week end (30th. Jan. 2015). However we were unable to hand Denis to his father because the situation at the village is not good completely. The all village (Nachuma, Lopuyo) came to see Denis. Every one was excited to see Denis but all became sad to hear that Denis was brought to stay with the father. The Father burst into tears and pleaded that his son be brought back to shalom home because he is not able to care for him. The father fears Denis can not cope up with the state of life in the village and I fears he will die and he says he would rather die because he has suffered enough with the children and will not want to see his last born (Denis) dies while he remains alive. It was very difficult day for me even before we left for Denis village. Denis has two brothers and a sister who are all living under worst form of life… starving and without clothes. Well, my self, my wife and Christine and my self decided to bring back Denis to Shalom home. A decision that I know it may not please the officials. Please pray for Denis and for his family, Also pray for shalom home… Pray that the children and the youths at Shalom home shall know Jesus and experience his love and healing, pray for wisdom, good health, provision (food and school supplies of the kids) and workers who shall stand alongside to see the children grow up upright spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually.


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