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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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Shalom's Vision for Youth Standing in Front of me

By Rainbow Mike, Nov 21 2016 12:10AM

(By Mike Barbee)

A trip to Karamoja in June gave me some real-time experience of what Shalom is doing in the lives of youth there. The two things that really blew me away were the new faciltiies teeming with youth and children and the qualities of the young men and women that have grown up in the ministry--some of them over the last 10 years.

Feeling a little need to see how far Shalom has come, I was looking back at pictures from 2006 and I noticed a boy that at the time I didn't know was staying at Shalom Home. In June, this same boy (now young man) was playing a central role at the Home by leading other youth and children and facilitating our visit to the neighboring villages. His name is Lokor Andrew and it was so enjoyable to be around his good sense of humor, confidence, and obvious intelligence. Most of the students that are now completing Secondary school are from that same cohort of street children that Rainbow started reaching out to over 10 years ago. That is what this ministry is doing--raising up children who had very little hope and providing the support and vision that one day they will do for others.

It is easy when I look in the eyes of youth like Lokor to see the vision of Shalom because it is standing in front of me.

(The photos you see in the collage below were taken over a 10-year span that Lokor has been associated with Shalom Reconciliation Ministries).

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