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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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"The people at shalom are kind"

By Rainbow Mike, Mar 5 2015 12:31PM

Friends: I have been too busy the all of Feb. Sending children and youths that our organization supports for both primary and secondary education as well as post secondary education. It was a very busy month! I got depressed by stories and situation of different children and youths who came seeking for support to access secondary education as well those that are seeking for shelter and other basic needs. Each day, we receives visitors children (orphans) and youths, some accompany by relatives, concern community members, letter from Lc1 etc seeking for support.

Last month was overwhelming! I would failed to go out to the field because our living room is full of visitors who each want to speak to me about their problems. So many cases and painful stories. However i was comforted by some two girls and one boy who all came at a different time to seek for help with school fees. I shared my story with the two girls and they made a surprise response. I never preach to them directly but they said we want to be born again and follow Jesus. They are serious and have been coming to PAG church the last three Sundays as well as fellowship, they both live outside town but do walk that long distance. I praise God! though i did not give them the support they needed neither promise them any thing, they are serious with their decision to follow Jesus. One boy told us that he have been moving to different offices seeing for support but he only met people who were so harsh (not friendly), however he experience peace and kindness at shalom office. He said " the people at shalom are kind" compare to other offices he went to including catholic church where he was chase with harsh words.

Unfortunately we are not able to enroll any student into our sponsorship program this time because the resources is too small. Please pray with us, we want to truly be a blessings to karamoja especially to the needy children and youths who need support to have an education. Thanks. Rainbow

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