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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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"Transformation begins with Education"

By Rainbow Mike, Oct 2 2014 01:01PM

Shalom Reconciliation ministry (SRM) believes Education is one of the key components that shall contribute to transformation in Karamoja.

Struggles for cows (cattle rustling) and cultural practices has created a lot of negative impacts within Karamoja region; However SRM in conjunction with Shalom Ministries International (SMI) through the school sponsorship programme is making both immediate impact and a long term impact in the lives of children and youths in Kotido District and the neighboring Districts. Over 100 Children/ youths have been supported to attend both primary and secondary education within the last six years and we are very proud of the few successes made. Some of the youth who have finished primary and secondary level of education were formerly living on the street, warriors (raiders), school dropped out etc before coming to shalom and we are proud to see their lives changed, and are productive members in the community.

There are so many Karamojong children living on the street of Kotido town, Moroto and other big towns outside Karamoja region and who do not go to school with major reason being poverty, insecurity, cultural practices i.e. boys are Sheppard and some parents still do not want their girls to go to school.

We thank the government of Uganda, The UN WFP, and NGO’s for all the efforts put toward eradicating poverty and promoting education in Karamoja, however the gap is still too big, but with joined effort Karamoja will not remained behind any longer. Shalom Reconciliation Ministry together with Shalom Ministries International is proud to be part of this great task. We honestly need more support in order to realized a bigger impact both for now and future, and we shall always welcome any individual, Church or organization that would like to support or partner with us in meeting the needs (spiritual, physical, psychological and economic)needs) of children and youths in Karamoja.

We receives over 50 youths at the beginning of every school term requesting for support to go to school, some are total orphans whose parents died in raiding or with HIV/AIDS, some are brought to shalom by their parents/ relatives who are extremely poor to meet the cost of sending their children to school, some cases, the children come self seeking for support, some are referred to shalom by the officials from the district, NGO’s, friends and community members who knows about Shalom, Unfortunately our finances is small and limited to children/youth who have got individual sponsors in USA through SMI. Please! Join us and together we shall make a long lasting impact in Karamoja.

A Big, big thanks to SMI for funding the sponsorship programme for the last 6 years.


Rainbow Mike.

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