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This blog is the collection of stories and updates from Rainbow Mike, the Director of Shalom Reconciliation Ministries in Kotido, Uganda.

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Update from shalom home... 3 months old baby stays at shalom home extended to six months.

By Rainbow Mike, Sep 30 2015 01:16PM

Hello friends.

Here is the latest update from shalom home.

We had meeting on Friday 25th. Sep. 2015 with relatives of the 3 months old baby we received at Shalom home last month (August). The relatives came from both side and it's was for sure a good meeting altogether.

We also made visit to their village early August to asses the situation at the village because we were told that the father to the baby (Nakwang Lokomolo) plus their close relatives had all fled their homes ( village) in fear of the relatives of the deceased who had threaten to pay back the death of their daughter who died a miserable death from her husband's village. It's true they had all fled their homes for two weeks hiding in another village for safety. During our visit (15th. September 2015) we had a good opportunity to speak to both relatives separately from their villages . The parents, brothers and sisters to the decease were so hurting and never wanted to meet the husband and relatives of their dead daughter. Well we did our best and emphasized to them the need to forgive and love one another as God's word commands.

We did our part and thank God for doing his part ( reached the hearts of the hurting relatives). They all came together to visit their 4 months old baby- Nakwang Lokomolo. And for now there is peace in between them again. They all pleaded with Shalom to not return the baby to the village until when she is able to eat food.

Base on our assessment, we decided to keep and care for the baby at shalom home for more four (4) months. The other thing is that the grand mother is trying but not catching up with the feeding method. Besides she cries when the baby is also crying because she is so hurt by the death of her daughter in low. The relatives have agreed to bring a 18 years old girl (sister to baby's mother) to help us with caring for the baby at shalom home meanwhile Grand mother shall return to the village.

Finally the baby (Nakwang Lokomolo) is healthy and doing well. The first two weeks was so difficult for her as she misses the mother and trains to do bottle feeding. Now she only cries when she need milk and when she urinates on herself.

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