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Students without sponsors

Purpose of sponsorship

The purpose of the sponsorship program is to help provide the basic needs for a child in Kotido, Uganda in order to give them the support and tools they need to improve their lives. This is done through helping a child go to school full-time.


At school they receive meals and learn about the environment, Ugandan history, math, English, and the sciences.  To be in school is still a privilege and not a right in Karamoja! Our commitment is to ensure they have the support they need to finish a high-school equivalent education.


Almost all students are sent to boarding school if they are old enough to alleviate pressure on the children's home and reduce costs.


Cost of sponsorship and how the money is spent

In order to be able to make the process of sponsorship easier, we have averaged fees for primary and secondary school and set one sponsorship amount of $35 per student per month.  This works out to $430 per year.  After the fourth year of secondary, students must specialize and either trade schools or further secondary school is chosen, which costs more for the ministry to support. This is an average of $50 per student per month.  


The following is a list of expenses that your sponsorship covers:

Steps to Sponsorship:

1. Select a student (or many) from the list on the left (the cost is per month).

2. If you want to pay for your first month of sponsorship, then follow the links to pay with a credit card or PayPal.

3. Send an email using the button below to notify us of your details.

4. You will be contacted by our sponsorship coordinator to take the next step of receiving information and sponsoring a student!

Send an email

School Fees

Officially, primary and secondary school education is free but most of the schools that the children attend ask for payment for general items like firewood, charcoal, and water that is purchased by the school. Secondary schools ask for supplemental boarding and term fees and these can run quite high.  


Transport and costs between terms


During breaks between the three school terms some children need to be sent back home, which requires truck or bus fares.  For those staying at Shalom Home meals are provided and paid for using a portion of the sponsorship support.


School Supplies and Uniforms


Each child has to maintain at least two sets of uniforms and most of the time they cannot. Sponsorship allows them to have these basic requirements as well as notebooks, pens, paper, and additional learning tools.


Living and boarding supplies


If a child is boarding or at the children’s home, they also need a box and lock for their books, a mattress, soap, wash basin, a mosquito net, blanket and sheets.  Shalom Sponsorship Program pays for these requirements as well as any small medical attention they may require.

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