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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all of the children being sponsored living in Shalom Home?

No, only a small fraction of the children in the program live at the Home and a good many stay with relatives outside the Home.  Shalom Ministries is dedicated to helping as many children as possible (with a real need) to attend school and receive the meal and hope they need to continue to survive.


Who is organizing this on the USA end?

The size of the project is small enough (40 children) that s small team of volunteers is facilitating all aspects of the ministry as Shalom Ministries International, a 501-c-3 organization. They are committed to the ongoing success of the project and will do everything they can to make sure it runs smoothly.


What happens if my sponsor child does not finish school by deciding to opt-out of sponsorship?

This occasionally happens and in the event that it does, we will assign you to a new sponsor child and inform you of the change.




I want to set up a recurring payment, is that possible?

Yes. please send us an email and we will send you the required forms to collect your details.


What if I want to end my sponsorship?

Do to unforeseen circumstances or personal plans, we understand the need to end sponsorship commitments. We request you send us an email stating the reason and the time of your last payment.  Please give us 3 months notice in order to followup and find another sponsor.


What happens once my sponsor child finishes high school?

Shalom Reconciliation Ministry has committed to support each child through a secondary education and to sit for their 0-level exams.  This is equivalent to a junior in high school in the US.  If the child wishes to continue their education, we will invite the sponsor to continue their sponsorship, which would include an increase in the monthly contribution in order to cover the costs of a specific degree or vocational certificate course the student would like to attend.

Children being supported at school but are outside